Issue #1 includes stories of food movement — how bananas get to bodegas, how gelato moves through Rome and what the Panama Canal has meant, and will mean, for our food. Other great inclusions: An artistic map of ingredients moving into and out of a sandwich shop in Austin, Texas, an historic recipe and small stories on pallets and milk cartons.



Issue #2 offers a history of logistics to ensure everyone is using the same vocabulary as we explore the food system. Fantastic writers illuminate how remote locations are provisioned, how Rio’s culinary purveyors fared during the Olympic Games and how pizza boxes are much more than meets the eye. We’ve also highlighted some of the innovative entrepreneurs working in the food system today — don’t miss their inspiring stories.



In this issue we take a deep dive into how food waste is repurposed, explore the history of canned foods, take a look at the jobs of some high-tech agri-robots and examine whether urban agriculture really has the power to feed cities.



In this issue we are pivoting a bit, turning our attention to how technology is shaping the future of our global food supply chain. Drawing on our knowledge of food history, we examine how technology changes food production, safety and security, as well as our cultural and social relationships to food. This issue features stories about transportation and the cold chain.  With stories on packaging, connectedness, food trends, robots, grocery and food delivery, technology is on our front burner, as you’ll see in this and future issues.

Issue 5


This issue is all about grocery tech.  With a look at mom-and-pop stores, ways to make food last longer, and an update from Food+City Startup Challenge participants. Lookout for the issue coming soon to Whole Foods and Wheatsville locations around Austin, or pre-order now!

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