Food+City is a catalyst for supply chain innovation to improve how we feed cities.

We provoke fresh perspectives on the realities of how we feed cities and inspire action. We do this through storytelling, both online and with an annual print magazine, a variety of events and our Food+City Startup Challenge. Our 2019 Food+City Startup Challenge will be part of SXSW for the second consecutive year and will take place in March 2019. In 2018, fourteen finalists from around the globe competed for $30,000 in March 2018 with three great companies taking home the prizes. The fourth issue of our magazine was published in spring of 2018, and the fifth issue will be published in fall of 2018.

Together, we will raise awareness of the opportunities for improvement in our food systems and uncover insights that will shape how we make our world more sustainable. We’ll explore how food moves around the world, the surprising complexity of distribution, how politics, economics and trade create (and thwart) food crises, and much more.

We’re going to uncover what’s missing in our current food systems and raise up the people addressing those needs. We’ll do so by challenging and testing all assumptions, beliefs and technologies, and including you squarely in the process.

Why now? Our world is more engaged with and interested in food topics than ever before. It’s an exciting and encouraging time — we know there are major changes needed in food and realize the improvements we make today impact the public health and ultimate survival of the global population forever.

Despite growing interest in food topics, there is a lack of awareness and understanding around the systems and processes that feed our cities, and the ways those impact sustainability. We must bring that awareness and understanding, and harness the zeal of our communities to inspire, discover, and share the ideas that will improve our global food system.