Really, Really Smart Cities

Take a peek into the future through the eyes of food futurists and illustrator Josh Cochran. Drones, rooftop gardens and smart kitchens abound.

Food for Thought: Labelology

Your fruit and vegetables come with a surprising amount of information about their history and origins. Each sticker has a code printed on it along with the grower’s name and logo. In the future, be prepared for even more transparency — labels may disappear as scanners and digital “ink” become cost effective. These paper stickers will be the old papyrus scroll for food storytelling.

Recipe Tracker: Tart in Ymbre Days

Cookbooks are products of their time, reflecting flavor trends and the availability of ingredients. In “The Forme of Cury,” we get a taste of medieval England.

How a Little Startup Fixes a Big Food Chain Gap

In rural India, where dairies may have only one or two cows and the power grid is spotty at best, improving the supply chain from producers to distributors requires fresh thinking and a surprisingly simple solution. Entrepreneur Sorin Grama shares his story.

Rio’s Recipe for the Olympic Games

While many agree that the Rio Olympics fared better than the dire predictions, the reality for restaurateurs, farmers and concession managers was rough. Brazilian journalist Fabiana Pires takes us to Rio before and after the 2016 Summer Olympics to get the real story of the “Taste of the Games.”

Tsukiji on the Verge of Change

The venerable fish market known for chaotic auctions and flapping-fresh is facing a move to a controversial new location. Xaq Frohlich examines Tsukiji’s back story and looks into its future as it prepares for some needed upgrades and braces for the inevitable fallout of change.

The Early Years of Logistics

As we’ve moved farther from the farm, transparency about the food system becomes more important. To better understand a largely invisible system, we need an introduction to food logistics — starting with Alexander the Great.

Beasts of Burden

While they may seem like historical relics, draft animals are still used worldwide to move agricultural products from fields to markets. Check out our gallery.

Behind the Wheel

The image of a truck driver probably evokes a burly guy in a gimme cap. But a small number of women share the driving load: Meet Annette Womack.

The Secret Evolution of the Pizza Box

More than just a simple package for a steaming hot meal, the pizza box is to some a blank canvas — for food artistry and technological innovation. Join world-record-holder Scott Wiener on a journey into the history of the pizza box.

How the Bodega Gets the Banana

Have you ever wondered how bananas, such a seemingly fragile fruit, end up in so many places, at their perfect stage of ripeness for quick sale? Rachel Wharton finds out how this not-so-mini miracle happens.