Our Team

Robyn Metcalfe, Director

Desert running and a PB&J sandwich—what connects these topics? A tenacious curiosity to see what you can learn by just jumping in! The same sense of wonder that called Dr. Robyn Metcalfe to run the great deserts of the world has led her to take on the task of mapping our current food supply. A historian, desert distance runner, and food futurist with a lifelong hunger to take on irrational challenges, Robyn Metcalfe marvels at what it takes to simply create a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Joy Nathan, Executive Director

Don’t let Joy’s whimsical clothing and throwback style fool you. She’s anything but retro.  Strategic, forward thinking and a roll-up-her-sleeves executor, Joy brings her deep experience in non-profit management and fundraising to the world of Food+City. In addition to advancing the organization, Joy can be found either spending time with her husband and four daughters or teaching a Jazzercise class.

Cory Leahy, Managing Editor

Cory Leahy — editor, writer, runner, caterer, enthusiastic cook and veggie-leaning omnivore — has spent 20 years in publishing, digital content and marketing. Now she’s stepping out of familiar labels and into lots of unknown territory to reimagine a next chapter that’s all about food.

Julie Savasky, Art Director

Julie Savasky is an Austin-based graphic designer. After spending 22 years at international firm, Pentagram, she recently opened her own design consultancy. Her work focuses primarily on editorial, identity, strategy, and web design and has won awards from Graphis, Communication Arts, Society of Publication Designers, and Texas Institute of Letters among others.

Cole Leslie, Communications Specialist

Cole is a researcher, food nerd, and self-proclaimed “bon vivant.” Along with his passion for sustainability, and entrepreneurial spirit, Cole’s keen interest in improving food systems drew him to Food+City’s mission of bold food supply chain exploration. He holds a BA in Psychology and a graduate certificate in sustainable food systems from Tufts University. Outside of work, you can find Cole with his wife and young son: cooking, dancing, laughing and being outside.

Karen Thomas, Administration Specialist

Karen is a highly organized multitasker who keeps Food+City running by handling a wide variety of unique administration and organizational tasks.  Her attention to detail and resourcefulness make her a great fit for the dynamic work enviroment.  When she’s not wearing any and all hats for Food+City, she enjoys swimming and spending time with her son and daughter.

Shawn O’ Keefe, Director of Innovation

Shawn is an innovation nerd. After fourteen years as a producer and strategist for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival, he moved overseas to head up the first hardware accelerator in New Zealand, Lightning Lab Manufacturing. After three years of working on startup acceleration and innovation programs in the GovTech and FoodTech sectors, he recently returned to Texas and is diving headfirst into his new role heading up our Startup Challenge. When not working, he likes to launch rockets with his two children and race his bicycle around the block.

Kristen Grewe, Operations and Events Associate

Kristen can be described as enthusiastic, dedicated and a go-to problem solver.  With a BA in Marketing from the University of Kentucky and diverse work experience, from event planning for charities and Southwest Airlines as well as business administration at a holistic health clinic, she is ready to take on anything that will accelerate Food+City’s mission.  As someone who has always been passionate about health, nutrition, and community service, she feels so fortunate that joining Food+City’s team has allowed her to turn these interests into a meaningful career. Outside of work, you will probably see her running to her next workout, social event, or outdoor adventure with her blue streaked hair flowing behind her.

Katie Kraemer, Outreach Program Manager

Katie co-founded the organic farm that brought home delivery of fresh vegetables to Austinites in 1993, with the inception of the South’s longest-running CSA, Tecolote Farm. In addition to years spent as a bilingual elementary teacher, a textbook writer and editor, a milker of dairy goats, and the creator of newsletters, recipes, and farm tales, Katie has served as delegate to the international Slow Food conference in Italy, represented farmers on Travis County’s Sustainable Food Policy Board, and presided over the Austin Farmers Market advisory council and the Growers Alliance of Central Texas. When not juggling farm, family, and food production issues, Katie can be found trail riding, roller skating, reading, experimenting with native perennial plants, and traveling with her husband.

Grace Delucia, Intern

Grace is a St. Edward’s student and the newest addition to the Food + City team. Her fascination with sustainable food systems has led her to getting her hands dirty on an organic farm in Ecuador, becoming acquainted with the business side of farm-to-table food through her work at Maryland based Norman’s Farm Market, exploring the Italian culture’s approach towards food through a semester in Florence, and now to spreading Food+City’s mission and call to action. When she’s not working or studying, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen, climbing, or planning her next trip abroad.

Sarah Webber, Web Editor

Sarah is an Austin-based writer and editor with a passion for helping individuals and organizations tell their stories. She has five-plus years of experience in book and magazine publishing, ghostwriting, and corporate blogging. Sarah has a BA in creative writing and playwriting from Northwestern University and a Master’s in book publishing from Emerson College.

Joan Phaup, Copy Editor

Joan Phaup spent four decades writing news, feature stories and more as a journalist and public relations professional. These days she enjoys editing other people’s prose — a great pleasure indeed when each new issue of Food+City is in the works.