Food+City Challenge Prize

2018 Finalists

The fourth annual Food+City Prize competition will be at SXSW for the first time! Applicants from five continents and 14 countries were ranked by our esteemed group of advisors, judges and mentors, and the top 15 were chosen as finalists. They represent a diverse range of logistical solutions, and stages of development. From Puerto Rico to Africa, idea-stage to scale-stage, these 15 supply chain startups will pitch at SXSW in March 2018 for the chance to win up to $50,000 in prizes.

Afresh uses data science to reduce food waste in supermarkets — a $40B US problem! — by providing intelligent food replenishment recommendations. Check out their website

Aggressively Organic offers a simple hydroponic system for plant-to-plate food production that anyone can afford and use regardless of experience and space. Check out their website.

AgroRacks has a plan to grow greens beside machines! Practical vertical farms and energy-efficient server farms with AgroRacks — modular farming in the modern datacenter.

Big Wheelbarrow helps food wholesalers work more efficiently with small farms by using artificial intelligence to automate order management. Check out their website.

Corvus Robotics helps warehouses and distribution centers manage inventory using intelligent, self-flying aerial drones. Check out their website.

Elevated Honey Co. is disrupting the fake honey industry by creating an efficient, transparent and connected supply chain between beekeepers and consumers. Check out their website.

Grit Grocery is a mobile grocery truck. Imagine a farmers market meets Blue Apron on a food truck. Real food, right in your neighborhood, saving you time without sacrificing health. Check out their website.

GrubTubs collects leftovers from restaurants and delivers it to local farms, where insects turn waste into animal feed, saving thousands of dollars every month. Check out their website.

Seal the Seasons makes farm-to-table possible year round by freezing local food from local farms. Check out their website.

Stowga is a B2B marketplace that connects warehouses with underutilized space to companies looking to take on-demand warehousing services. Check out their website.

Taimba is working to optimize agricultural supply chains to cut post-harvest wastage so as to offer quality, affordable farm produce to the bottom of pyramid. Check out their website.

Enabling sustainable local agriculture with next generation temperature and humidity control systems for greenhouses. Check out their website.

UAV-IQ bridges the gap between drone data collection and agriculture clients who need the resulting information to support decision making. Check out their website.

Vinder, a peer-to-peer marketplace for homegrown produce, connects home gardeners to their neighbors to buy, sell and trade local produce. Check out their website.

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