Food+City Startup Challenge

Below are the questions that will be asked on the application:

What is your first name?

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Your email address?

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What country do you live in?

What is the name of your company?

What is the company’s address?


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Share your company’s logo. (You can upload a team photo if you don’t have a logo.)

What is your role in the company?

Do you have an online profile?

Share some background info about your team members, if any. (Full names and online profiles.)

What does your company do? (Provide a brief elevator pitch or company description.)

Where can we find your company website?

Do you have a company or product video hosted online?

What are your company’s social media handles?

What is the particular problem or challenge that your company tackles?

Do you have a company or product video hosted online?

What is your business plan? (A full business plan is not necessary. Please provide a brief summary.)

How will your company, product or service make money?

Are you and/or your team working on this company full-time?

Date your company was founded?

What makes your team best suited to solve the challenge the company is addressing?

How much capital have you raised to date?

Do you plan to raise capital in the future?

Which investment firms or angel investors have you received investment from?

How many customers / users do you have?

Is there any other relevant information that you would like us to know?

Are you a student and/or enrolled in a college or university?

How will you help improve how we feed cities?

How did you hear about us?

What attracted you to participate in the Food+City Startup Challenge?

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