What is Food+City?

A nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to advancing the understanding of the food supply chain through storytelling in Food+City magazine (both in print and online) and an annual startup innovation competition called the Food+City Challenge Prize.

Why the food supply chain?

The food supply chain is an extremely complex and interconnected system that can be hard to see and understand. By telling food supply chain stories from all over the world, Food+City hopes to illuminate opportunities and inspire ideas. We help make those ideas come to life in our annual Food+City Challenge Prize competition, which brings together startups, industry experts and investors. Startup teams present ideas and receive feedback from experts and investors, and the best ideas win cash prizes.

Is there a difference between the Food+City print magazine, the Food+City digital magazine and the Food+City blog?

Some of the stories from the digital magazine are featured in our semiannual print magazine, and they are all contributed by experienced and talented writers, photographers and illustrators. The Food+City blog focuses specifically on Food+City events and initiatives.

Where can I find Food+City magazine?

You can order the magazine online, or at one of the following locations:

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Wheatsville Co-op
  • Book People
New York City
  • Archestratus (Brooklyn)
  • Kitchen Arts and Letters (Manhattan)
Los Angeles
  • Now Serving LA

Can my company purchase an ad in Food+City Magazine?

Yes, we offer full and half-page advertisements. Contact Cole@foodandcity.org for more information.

How can I write for Food+City?

We are always looking for talented writers to contribute to our online and print magazines. We strongly suggest reading our stories to get an idea of our unique angle on the food system. If you have an idea, send us a pitch, and include your CV and writing samples, to Info@foodandcity.org

What is the Food+City Challenge Prize?

Prize is an annual startup competition that awards expert mentorship and cash prizes to companies innovating in the food supply chain industry. Our fourth annual event is part of the SXSW Startups and Tech Sectors track and will take place March 13, 2018, as part of the Startup and Tech Sectors track.

Fifteen finalists will be provided with a badge to attend SXSW 2018, giving them full access to meaningful networking opportunities, expert sessions and genuine inspiration. All finalists will be partnered with a mentor from the Food+City network. Mentors are assigned with the best startup company match in mind for three months of fruitful collaboration. Winners receive a cash prize of $25,000. Get more information here, and explore recaps of the previous three years and meet the winners here.

How can my startup apply for the Food+City Challenge Prize?

This year’s call for submissions runs from September 18, 2017, to November 18, 2017. The early bird entry fee is $35 dollars and goes through October 18, 2017. Register and apply.

How can my food-related company partner with Food+City?

We like community building, and we have a partnership program for events, sponsorships and content aligned with food innovation and storytelling. Contact Cole@Foodandcity.org for more information.

How can I support Food+City?

Our mission depends on a community of engaged and interested readers. In place of a donation to our nonprofit endeavors, please subscribe to our magazine  and read and share the stories. Perhaps you’ll consider subscribing for a community college or high school/trade school food studies program?  You can also follow along with our blog and newsletter to keep up with opportunities to support our cause.