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The Evolution of How We Shop for Food

There was a time, not long ago, when we all just went to the grocery store, filled our shopping carts, then drove home. But times are changing fast — today, we’re outsourcing shopping of all kinds, instead relying on a complex network of shoppers and shippers to bring us our goods within a week, a day or even an hour. Larissa Zimberoff explores these shipping journeys.

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Investing in Tomorrow’s Food Chain: Walter Robb Moves Forward

Walter Robb is best known as Whole Foods Market’s former co-CEO, where he helped usher in new ways of thinking about food, from farm to grocery cart. Now, after 40 years in the grocery business, he’s starting a new chapter. Leveraging his deep knowledge about the complexity of the food chain to advise and invest in innovative food system startups, Robb talked to Jane Black about how he is helping to cultivate the next generation of food revolutionaries.

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Transcending Seasons: Following the Global Cold Chain

As refrigerated transportation became the norm a century ago, the cold chain was born. Defying seasons, cold chains offer consumers access to meats, fruits and vegetables year-round. More complex than a simple food chain, cold chains require refrigeration every step of the way because spoilage is ongoing — one missed link can ruin an entire shipment. Refrigeration expert Jonathan Rees explains why today’s cold chain is actually a cold web that crisscrosses the whole world.

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Baker’s Holiday

January is just about the worst time to meet the owner of a bakery in Buenos Aires, or any business owner, for that matter. So Robyn was lucky to find to find a few minutes when Marcelo could show her around his small shop before he headed to the beach with his family.

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No Lunch Pass

Not a day goes by when we aren’t told how Big Food conspires to make us fat while exploiting our environment. Is this really the end of our debate about the state of our food system? Tyler Cowen’s book, An Economist Gets Lunch (2012), offers an alternative view, one...

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An Art Tour of Food Logistics

If you want a new experience while visiting an art museum, try going as a food logistics nerd. Watch the docents and visitor services personnel freeze for a moment as they try to comprehend your request for guidance on finding all the art in the museum that represents different aspects of the food supply chain and food logistics.

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